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Different color markings will definitely prevent guests from confusing glasses:

model name: bohemia crystal cognac glasses;
characteristics: a set for 6 persons, the bottom of the glasses is made of colored Czech crystal;
pluses: bright design;
cons: not identified.
Wine poured into such glasses will play in the world with new colors:

models: bohemia crystal egermann wine;
characteristics: 6 wine glasses made of rose quartz;
pluses: solid component construction;
cons: the painting of the engraving is erased.
Bohemian glass lamp
A sconce made of caramel-colored Czech crystal will perfectly fit into the interior, add sophistication to the room:

model name: sconce Bohemia lvele crystal 1400/1 / g / BIG / M721;
Features: Luxurious wall lamp for 1 incandescent lamp;
pluses: nice-looking design, easy to assemble;
cons: massive construction.
An elegant wall lamp will favorably emphasize the dignity of a room and will perfectly cope with its lighting:

model name: sconce Bohemia lvele crystal 1928/2 / s / gd;
characteristics: golden lamp, brass metal parts, 2 incandescent lamps;
pluses: good performance, light shimmers;
cons: strong glare.
Three powerful lamps, for which the mini floor lamp is designed, will not leave a single dark corner in the room:

model name: sconce Bohemia lvele crystal 1400/3 / G;
characteristics: wall-mounted three-lamp vertical luminaire;
pluses: excellent lighting radius;
cons: strong glare.
Bohemian glass jewelry
An exquisite tech-colored necklace will favorably emphasize any hair color, will go with many evening dresses:

model name: necklace women bohemia crystal;
characteristics: necklace with azure, emerald, pink Czech crystal, length is adjustable;
pluses: stylish appearance, chain strength;
cons: not identified.
Pink Czech glass will look great with a red cocktail dress:

model name: womens' sakura necklace bohemia crystallite;
characteristics: double necklace, pink crystal, adjustable length;
pros: rare colors that suit many outfits;
cons: fragile clasp.
An elegant but simple brooch will add sophistication to the simplest row:

model name: bohemia crystallite brooch;
characteristics: original blue brooch, base metal - copper;
pluses: long arc needle;
cons: the glass comes off.
How to choose bohemian glass
Forging Czech crystal is not easy, but possible. Before buying a service, jewelry, souvenir on, make sure that the low cost or big discount is not caused by the cheapness of the material, man-made quartz is artfully presented:

Bell. The easiest way to authenticate crystal glass. The presence of a large proportion of metallic impurities makes the products "sing" under certain conditions. Run a wet finger along the edge of the glass, lightly hit one against the other. The sound will be melodic and long-lasting.
Purity. The factories value their reputation, they will send dishes for melting down, in the walls of which there are air bubbles, interspersed with debris.
Thermal conductivity. Glass products heat up faster than crystal products. Try to warm the purchase with your hands. Crystal glassware will remain cold for a long time.


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